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A company with 30 years of experience!
Acting in the brazilian and international market, specialized in deposition of colors in promotional materials like posters, charts and displays.

Our main service is to attend real state, automotive, pigment, cosmetic and all matters industries related to to the fidelity of color.

We have a team of colorists specialized in development and color production.

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Our team of colorists has extensive knowledge in color development and they are always able to reproduce the highest standards based on color fidelity provided by our customers.
With the last-edge technology in techniques of colorimetry and elaboration of paints, it becomes possible to combine different characteristics like:

  • Brightness levels
  • Hammer Painting
  • Metallic
  • Fluorescence
  • Textures


Our printed materials are produced under the process of direct ink deposition on paper, offering great advantages such as:

  • Chips in a range of shapes
  • Accurate record of color chip registration
  • Printed matters with the longest lifespan, without risk of detachment and yellowing of the chip.

Our process allows us the total deposition of all colors simultaneously, providing agility in the confection of the materials.


We offer a range of shapes in the printed finishing process.

  • UV Veener (full and with reservations)
  • BOPP Plastification


We work on several segments of painting branch:



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